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Our team has the experience, capability, and aim to make this process as simple as possible. From preparing and proofing documents, booking transportation, or arranging third party insurance; we can help you in a number of ways along the document heavy path to export.  

See our Services page for more details. An overview of the basic voyage from Shipper to Consignee includes the following activities and how we can help.



This is the movement of goods before cargo is loaded onto a vessel. At AWT we offer both full container and less than container load transport available.


Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS)

There are situations where an export declaration is not required. However, exporters are typically required to submit an export declaration for exporting commercial goods from Canada 48 hours before goods are loaded onto a vessel. Yes, we help with that.


Ocean Freight

The transportation of goods/cargo by sea. We can help to negotiate rates prior to creating the bookings/reservations with the shipping line. 

Additional activities in the
Shipper to Consignee Voyage
 we can advise on:


Import Customs Clearance

The preparation and submission of the required documents to enable import into the country (i.e. commercial invoice, packing list, Bill of Lading, arrival notice). These clearance documents represent the client during the customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and appointed entity carrying delivery of cargo from customs, after clearance.


Import Transport

Involves the arrangement and delivery of goods in the import market.


The CBSA Guide to Exporting Commercial Goods

This is a helpful tool to further your understanding of international shipping.

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